FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2018
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About Us
Explore a world of luxurious 5 – Star lifestyle

The Aristo International Hotel is situated on acres of magnificent northerm landscape surrounded by Lao Cai City*s mountains where it is believed to be the source of wellness and wealth. Its entirety offers the breeze of finest leisure moment, luxurious lifestyle and everything you are looking for an exclusive vacation or a business trip. The Hotel has complete facilities and services that will indulge you to explore more inspiration yet the finest taste of life. With the most breathtaking view at VIP Executive Floor on level 11, enjoy exclusive access to private lounge and benifits that include complimentary all day snacks, evening cocktails and personalized services.

How to get here

Aristo International Hotel is approximately 4km from the Chinese city of Hekou, 3km from the Lao Cai train station. It is about 350km from Ha Noi by road or 285km by railway.

With the completion of the Kunming to Hekou highway the traveling time has reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours.

For the Convenience of our guests we provice free shuttle service from the Chinese Border Gate to our Aristo International Hotel and vice versa

Vision, Mission and Core Values of Aristo International Hotel
1. Vision
Aristo strives to create the true spirit of a destination and become the most well-known and luxurious hotel in hospitality services with pioneering aspirations.

2. Mission
a. We realize and evaluate the success of our hotel only when the customers get satisfied. 
b. We try to exceed the needs and expectations of guests with unforgettable experiences. 
c. Aristo, is committed to be known as the warmest place for both customers and employees, where we believe we can make a difference.

3. Core values (A-R-I-S-T-O)
The sustainable operations of Aristo bases on 06 true values: 
A – Ambition
– We ensure the best qualification and enthusiasm of all employees to offer the professional services to the discerning business and leisure market. 
R – Responsibility
– We are in charge of every aspect of services we provide, the business goals we strive to achieve, the environment we engage to improve and the wealth of communities and hospitality industry we bring. 
I – Innovation
– We always encourage our employees and partners to hold the innovative solutions and make a breakthrough on business operations.
S – Satisfaction 
– We develop the outstanding team of talents with the creative and positive attitudes to understand and address the customer’s requirements.
T – Trust
– We operate with the high sense of discipline, honesty, integrity and teamwork. 
O – Organization
– We have a profound corporate culture and senior management team, are committed to all levels of talent to provide a healthy development space and fair remuneration and benefits, create career path and opportunities for associates.